About Us

Our Mission

For the cause, reaching out to a world with the Love of Christ, to see people changed into His image.

The Sunday Experience

Sunday School

Age-appropriate classes for all ages (Nursery - Adult)

Morning Worship

Music - lively, contemporary worship with band.

Offering - time to give financially to local ministries as well as support for world missions

Ministry from the Bible - about 45 minutes of teaching from the Bible on various topics (see Sermon Topics on Series Topics Page)

Who We Are

Lyle Celebration Center is about helping people find life to the full.  Helping people discover and use their God-given gift and talents in helping people here in the mid-Columbia area and around the world.

We want to meet you where you are and help lead you to your significant place in this world through:

  • A personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ
  • To become a living disciple of the ways of God
  • To experience to the full the life God intended for His creation
  • To fulfill the purpose of God for your life.

Your Life Matters to Us

Because you matter to God, you matter to us.  Life was meant to be lived, not out of fear or obligation but with clear purpose and meaning to yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your workplace and your community.

Helping you discover your strength combined with the strengths of others, we can help enable our community(s) reach their full potential.

In the book of Acts we see where the early followers of God, through Christ, had great effect on their world through their love for each other.  Their love, based on the love of God for them, brought life, strength, courage and help for each other.

We are engaged in this journey of loving others as He loves us and would love to have you come join us in our journey.  Become a part of the solution for our needy world.

Our Pastors & Staff

Pastor Les Haarstad, Senior Pastor

Les became pastor at Lyle Celebration Center in April of 1981.  He has a passion to help people understand and pursue God's calling to everyone to "live life to the full."

Pastor Bobby Smith

Bobby has been on staff at Lyle Celebration Center since 1996, serving in areas of worship and discipleship. Bobby has been married to his wife René since 1998 and holds a Masters Degree in Theology.

Wanda Haarstad

 Women's Ministries Coordinator

Christine Cochran

Youth Leader

Marty Haarstad

Sunday School Superintendent

About Us